PowerCONVERTER XP 5.1 for Windows 10


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PowerConventer is an easy-to-use program for all users of Microsoft PowerPoint, which allows you to easily convert the presentation to Flash format (SWF or EXE). By converting the file size is decreased to 97%, which affects the playback speed of presentation in a web browser. The program does not require programming knowledge, do not need a flash installed. Just click on the desired presentation and indicate the target record, the program does the rest. PowerCONVERTER accurately converts your PowerPoint presentations to Flash, keeping all the special effects, such as: * narratives and sounds * Video * Animation * transitions and hyperlinks Converted presentation in Flash looks and works just like in PowerPoint, and also has all the Flash advantages: * Easy distribution by e-mail on the Web or on CD * very * small size * copy-protected streaming technology * Ability to export data to a single file * Browse with or without player